Word Formation
Exercises using Prefixes and Suffixes

A. Insert the right suffixes into the spaces:

1. A programm     designs, writes, and tests programmes for perform     various tasks on a comput   .

2. A systems anal     studies organization     systems and decides what act     needs to be taken to maxim     efficien   .

3. Laser print     are prefer     to other types of print     devices because of their speed and quite    

4. The microcomput     we have purchased does not have a FORTRAN compil     . It is programm     in BASIC only.

5. We have found that operat     s who have the freedom to take short breaks during the day great     improve their perform     .

6. The number of ship     s will increase over the com     months.

7. We decided to computer     the entire planet to give each divis     more independ   .

8. Spool     is a way of stor     data temporari     on disk or tape until it can be process     by another part of the system.

9. Turn     your office into a paper     environ     may be expens     at the beginning, but can produce big sav     s in the long run.

10. Software develop     s are produc     increasing     sophisticat     applicat     s for a grow     glob     market.

B. Now decide for each word that has a suffix what part of speech the word is
(eg. noun (n), verb (v)  , adverb (adv), adjective (adj) )
. Insert the correct form - n, v, adv or adj into the spaces.

programmer     (for) performing     a computer    
analyst     organizational     action    
maximize     efficiency     printer     preferable     printing     (device) quiteness     microcomputer     compiler     programmable     greatly     shipment     computerize     division     independence     (a way of...)storing     Spooling     turning     (...your office....) (big...) savings     developer     (...are) producing     increasingly     sophisticated     application    
a growing     global     ...(market)

C. Insert the right prefixes into the spaces:

1. Floppy disks are     expensive and     useable.

2. If a printer     functions, you should check the     face cable.

3. The     plexor was not working because someone had     connected it by mistake.

4.     proper installation of the     glare shield will make it     possible to read what is on the screen.

5. After you     fer text using the 'cut and paste' feature, you may have to     format the text you have inserted.

6. You can     mize your chances of finding a job if you are     lingual or even     lingual.

7.     pheral devices can be either     put devices (such as keyboards) or     put devices (such as printers).

8. Your pay rise is     active to the beginning of June and you will receive a     -annual bonus (=twice a year).

9. The     al (=8) and     decimal (=6) systems are number systems used as a form of shorthand in reading groups of four binary digits.

10. As the results are     regular, the programme will have to be     written.

D. Fill in the gaps with the correct prefix from the following list:


1. Most people prefer a colour screen to a     chrome screen.

2.     script is a character or symbol written below and to the right of a number or letter, often used in science.

3. A     byte equals approximately one million bytes.

4. Once you finish your program, you will have to test it and     bug it to remove all the mistakes.

5. The introduction of     conductor technology revolutionized the computer industry.

6. If a computer system has two or more central processors which are under common control, it is called a     processor system.

7. The     imal system is a number system with a base of 10.

8. When the user and the computer are in active communication on a graphics system, we refer to this as     active graphics.